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Nuclear war pro­gres­sion in graphics

Arms con­trol and pro­lif­er­a­tion : coun­try pro­file : France

The Chagos’s sup­port asso­ci­a­tion in the UK

US Nuclear strikes plan­ing against Norht Korea

French Laser Méga­joule Project

Pak­istan min­istry of defence

The yield of the Hiroshima Bomb

Oper­a­tion Hur­ri­cane (UK) in 1952

Forged doc­u­ments about link­age Niger-​Iraq

US mil­i­tary bases – Chalmers Johnson

Peace­ful Nuclear Explo­sions and oper­a­tion Plowshare

Ura­nium mine in Niger – Mounana

Iraq-​Niger ura­nium chronology

Moruoa and Tatou

Forum of French vet­er­ans «cobayes de la République»

Atom­waf­fen in Deutsch­land und Europa — BITS

Global Nuclear Weapons Test (graphic)

Offi­cial Indian Announce­ment after the 1998 test

Report on a radi­o­log­i­cal acci­dent in the South­ern Ourals on 29 Sep­tem­ber 1957

United States Naval Sup­port Facil­ity – Diego Garcia

French film «Vive la Bombe» about test­ing in the French Sahara

Alliance for Nuclear Account­abil­ity /​ana bud­gets analysis

His­tory of the Charles de Gaulle’s air­craft carrier

Israel spe­cial weapons facilities

Leonard Reif­fel, the bomb and the Moon

India opin­ion about DRDO – The Hindu

M-​51 mis­sile (French)


Israel Bombs Iraq’s Osirak Nuclear Research Facility

US Mil­i­tary Inter­ven­tions – Global Pol­icy Forum

Pretoria’s nuclear experience

Swedish Nuclear programmme

The Brazil­ian puzzle

What Vanunu realy knows

Israel nuclear power exposed

France cul­ture – Etat du monde

Aven­ture nucléaire française – chronologie

La Journée inter­na­tionale du 6 novembre

Médecins pour la préven­tion de la guerre nucléaire — French IPPNW

Con­grès des Médecins pour la préven­tion de la guerre nucléaire à Hiroshima

Philippe Gras­set

Day of action on Mil­i­tary Spending

Bureau Inter­na­tional de la Paix/​International Peace Bureau

Vétérans de la guerre du Golfe

Bul­letin of atomic Scientists

Dou­glas Roche

Daniel Ells­berg


Fon­da­tion Sci­ences citoyennes

Min­istère japon­ais de la Défense

Réper­toire des con­flits poten­tiels selon la CIA

United Nations Office for Dis­ar­ma­ment Affairs

Indian Pug­wash Group

Inter­na­tional Insti­tute for Strate­gic Stud­ies Mil­i­tary Balance

National Secu­rity Archives

DOD nuclear organ­i­sa­tion – NRDC

CRS – Con­gres­sional research service

SIPRI Year­book in Ara­bic via CAUS

SIPRI Year­book in Chi­nese via CACDA

SIPRI Year­book in Russ­ian via IMEMO in Moscow

WMD Com­mis­sion

About nuclear weapons – Swedish Affil­i­ate of IPPNW (Sven­ska and English)

Fon­da­tion de Recherche Stratégique — Camille Grand

Mordechai Vanunu: video

Israel Atomic Energy Commission

Defense expen­di­tures – other countries

Data Blog — The mil­i­tary spend­ing map of the world

Paul Quilès’s blog

Pro­gram for pub­lic consultation

Citizen’s inspec­tion

DPRK’s nuclear test and Nau­tilus Institute

Cen­tre for arms con­trol and non proliferation

U.S. mis­sion in Geneva

Israeli nuclear pol­icy : La fin d’un tabou, in „Débat Stratégique»

French mis­sion at the CD/​Mis­sion per­ma­nente de la France auprès de la CD

Atomic Audit — US

Nuclear Weapons States accord­ing to OPANAL

Sarkozy’s speech in Cher­bourg on March 2008 (English)

Coali­tion for Nuclear Dis­ar­ma­ment and Peace (CNDP)

Comité Inter­na­tional de la Croix Rouge et armes nucléaires

Diego Gar­cia and Chagoss

Com­mit­tee of Par­ents Fallen sol­diers in times of peace

Crimes de guerre en Sardaigne

Memo­r­ial of French nuclear tests in the south Pacific

Inter­na­tional day of nuclear testing

DPRK’s state­ment on NPT’s retreat

Insti­tute for Pol­icy Stud­ies /​IPS

Asso­ci­a­tion Moruroa et TatouCoor­di­na­tion Paris

Sit­u­a­tion of the French nuclear test sites accord­ing to IAEA

British Nuclear tests Veterans

French National Assembly’s Report: «Les inci­dences envi­ron­nemen­tales et san­i­taires des essais nucléaires effec­tués par la France entre 1960 et 1996 et élé­ments de com­para­i­son avec les essais des autres puis­sances nucléaires»

Japan Con­fed­er­a­tion of A and H bomb

Nuclear cat­a­stro­phes and map

Bikini Atoll

Health effect of nuclear weapons com­plexes – Makidjani

Nuclear files/​Mil­i­tary Lead­ers on Nuclear Weapons’Abolition

Arms con­trol treaties

Global Zero

Russ­ian Nuclear Non Proliferation

Lugar-​Nunn CTR

Swiss nuclear programme

Swedish nuclear adventure

Nuclear Safety and Secu­rity (IAEA)

Dhana­pala blog

Carnegie Endow­ment

Pretoria’s nuclear experience

Strength­ened Safe­guards Sys­tem: States with Addi­tional Pro­to­cols (IAEA list)

Vision Cam­paign 2020

Global Zero – the main supporters

Arms Reduc­tion Coali­tion (UK)

Mil­len­nium Devel­op­ment Goals

ICAN cam­paign

UN Res­o­lu­tions of 1973

2020 Vision Campaign

Dhanapala’s biog­ra­phy

Asia-​Pacific Freeze Campaign

UN Res­o­lu­tions

Global issues

Links to local peace organisations